SAM in collaboration with Rafid

<p>SAM in collaboration with Rafid</p>

SAM in collaboration with “Rafid”, launches Workshop Training Institute in Sharjah Taxi Premises

Published on : 14/ December /2017

Sharjah 24: Sharjah Asset Management (SAM), the investment arm of the Sharjah Government, joined forces with OWS Auto to present, “Rafid Automotive Solutions,” launched an Automotive Training Institute to improve automotive standards in Sharjah. The event took place at 9:00 am on Thursday December 14, 2017 at the Sharjah Transportation Building, Al Azra.

Rafid Automotive Solutions collaborated with TTi Global (an American training, consultancy and skills development organisation) to advance the level of skill and professionalism standards in the automotive industry in Sharjah and the wider emirates.

The institute engaged a ground-up review and renovation of the entire business, from how vehicles are maintained right through to the driving and customer handling skills of all Sharjah taxi drivers. The programmes were created to ensure safer and better maintained vehicles in order to promote professionalism and meet international standards.

Waleed Al Sayegh, Chief Executive Officer of SAM said, “We are overjoyed about the success of this innovative institute that improves our automotive systems and the experience of customers. We at SAM believe that premier customer service is the greatest asset of any transportation company. Advancement is important in this ever-evolving world and it is through advancement that Sharjah Taxi will stay ahead of the competition.”

He added, “This venture with OWS Auto will help the UAE’s economy to grow as well as to excel in the industry by meeting the highest international standards.”

Oweis Zahran, Managing Director of Rafid Automotive Solutions, said, “With increases in public transportation, police cars, and ambulances, the need for employee growth rises. Through this workshop, and many more to come, we have opened new doors and opportunities

“At Rafid Automotive Solutions, we strive towards the development of the UAE in line with global criteria. Our collaboration with TTi Global is key towards a safer and more reliable future in the automotive industry,” he added.

Notable participants included, Mr Marwan Jasim AlSerkal, CEO of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) and Brigadier Saif Mohamed AlZari, General Commander of Sharjah Police. The collaboration aims to have company services open to the public by January 2018, providing specialised training courses for automotive technicians, automotive sales and marketing, all the way through to automotive management.

With special courses available to public vehicles, taxi, city bus, school bus, and municipal vehicles; police and ambulance training on accident handling; collaborations with universities for automotive training programmes; as well as workshop grading and standardisation.

The new company, in collaboration with Sharjah Government, plan to change the way the automotive industry is perceived and establish more trust between automotive operators and end users. Rafid Automotive Solution’s and TTi Global’s strategic plans aim to revolutionise the automotive industry through creating accredited by IMI (Industry of Automotive Institutes) training programmes for current and potential employees in the automotive industry.