Motor Check
Motorcheck, Car Registration, and inspection Center provide motorists in Sharjah with comprehensive vehicle condition reports. Our inspection services include registration inspection, renewal inspection, pre-purchase inspection, OBD test, Paint inspection, comprehensive inspection & chassis inspection.
AutoXpress - Service Center in Sharjah is a one-stop solution for all automotive services, offering a world-class car service and maintenance at our state-of-the-art workshop in Sharjah.
Rafid Accident Department
The Rafid Accident Department is a dedicated service provided to the residents of Sharjah to survey the scene of a minor traffic accident which needs to be accurately reported and submitted - covering all possible legal aspects while doing so. Minor accidents can now be reported in Sharjah through the Rafid Application or the 24/7 Rafid call toll-free number 800 92
Rafid Roadside Assistance
Rafid Roadside Assistance is a 24/7 recovery and emergency assistance for fueling, tire, and battery change assistance. Now you can request all our Roadside assistance services through the Rafid App, or through the Rafid Toll-Free number 800 92